Oil on Canvas

Oil Paintings for Sale

CLASSICAL OIL PAINTING ON CANVAS -  As an Artist i am in the position to leave an intimate record of human life and nature as in my landscapes and to give the onlooker the opportunity to see not only through the eyes of the artist but also through their thoughts and emotions.
An artist remind us that despite the pain and ugliness in the world something deeper exists- a beauty that peeks through the drudgery of life.
The desire for beauty, the capacity for self reflection and the longing for eternity are distinctively human qualities.
On some subconscious level we need beauty, it affirms an appreciation of aeshetics that is fundamental to our nature.

As an artist i want to help people see the beauty that comes  into our daily lives and to celebrate it that which might pass unnoticed.

I will always be insired by the classical method of oil painting, and at the moment I am aware of the growing movement of artists to be taught in this way.
Enthusiasm, Reverence, Obedience, and Constancy. And begin to submit yourself to the direction of a master of instruction as early as you can, and do not leave the master until you have to- Cennino D' Andrea Cennini ( il libro dell' Arte)

To paint is a demanding process that requires careful observation along with persistent practice.

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