The last few months have brought with them a lot of stress and financial struggle for all South Africans as many businesses were forced to stay closed until level 3 began.

It has been a scary time for all business owners who have been fighting to keep their heads above water as the economy takes a massive knock.

Therefore, it’s with extreme gratitude that I am able to re-open my gallery doors after all this time!

Teresa Decinti Art Gallery in Stellenbosch is Open

After opening my gallery in August 2004, I never thought that I would have to close it for almost four months, not knowing if I will be able to open it again; especially after working so hard to build it up.

However, as we all know, it’s not going to be business as usual. The gallery will be adhering to all the COVID-19 safety measures to ensure that all my visitors are safe no matter what.

The following are measures that I have put into place to prevent the spread of the virus:

  • My own brand of hand sanitiser will be available for all my visitors to use before they enter the gallery space
  • The number of people allowed in the gallery at any time will be limited
  • The gallery will be open between 10am and 3pm from Monday to Friday and from 10am to 1pm on Saturdays
  • The option to book an appointment slot is also available for those who would like to enjoy a private visit to the gallery

In order to respect and protect each other, I ask that all visitors adhere to social distancing rules while inside the gallery and that the provided hand sanitiser is used before entering.

I will also have my branded hand sanitiser available for purchase at the gallery, and for those who forgot their mask at home, or would like an extra one, I have custom made face masks available for purchase too. All my facemasks are made of high quality, breathable material and have my art printed on them.

Although it may seem like a lot of hard work, I believe in looking for the positive side of things in every situation and having fewer people in the gallery at a time allows me to spend more one on one time with each person.

This has allowed me the opportunity to personalise your experience and to spend some quality time with others who love art as much as I do.

Paintings for Sale on My New Online Art Gallery

I am also really excited to announce the launch of my brand-new website that is designed to be beautiful online art gallery that displays all my paintings that are available for purchase.

At the start of lockdown, I realised that the way we do business may very well change forever and so I was prompted to reassess my business model.

So, I decided to shift a lot of my focus to creating a user-friendly online platform for people to view and purchase my art through.

This makes it easier for those across the globe to still have access to my art while providing a safer opportunity for South Africans who may prefer to do their shopping online.

Teresa Decinti – Art Gallery in Stellenbosch and Online Art Gallery

I believe that resilience is a strong trait to have, especially in times of adversity. I have learned that there will always be obstacles in life and some may be more difficult than others.

But what I have also learned is that with a passion for life, a positive outlook and compassion for others, we can make it through the stormiest of seas.

With all the love and passion that I put into my art, I hope that others will feel inspired to go through life with gratitude and grace while keeping the spirit of Ubuntu alive.

If you are interested in any of my art works, please feel free to enquire through my website or to contact me directly.

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