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Art food and wine retreat in tuscany

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Art, Food & Wine Retreat

NEXT RETREAT DATES: 6th to 13th June 2024

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned artist, come experience this 8 day art workshop, inclusive of countryside tours of local hilltops & villages, food & wine, accommodation and meals.

Life is either an exciting adventure or nothing at all.”
Teresa Decinti

8 Day Tuscan Itinerary

7 Day Workshop Retreat


Our extraordinary Tuscan escapade commences as we are whisked away from the Chiusi station, traversing the scenic hilltops of Tuscany until we arrive at the serene haven of Podere Colombaio, where an enticing Aperol Spritzer awaits our arrival.

With a breathtaking view of the magnificent Val D’Orcia as our backdrop, we indulge in a delightful dinner on the farm, savoring locally sourced flavors while immersing ourselves in the timeless beauty of this captivating landscape.


We attend a watercolour class at Colombaio, where we focus on painting poppies, taking advantage of the poppy season in June. We are learning various techniques to capture the beauty of flowers in watercolour.

During lunch, we savour a delightful meal prepared by Chef Vittorio from Rome, who skillfully crafts local dishes. In the afternoon, we relax by the swimming pool, enjoying a peaceful atmosphere.

In the evening, we treat ourselves to a typical Italian Braai (BBQ), accompanied by an abundance of antipasti and traditional local pesto on our “crostini,” before indulging in dinner.


In the morning, we start our day with a delicious Italian breakfast, then we head to Castiglioncello, a hilltop town, with our watercolour palette to paint the beautiful Val D’Orcia landscape en plein air.

An unforgettable culinary adventure by renowned chef Giancarla at the luxurious Castiglioncello del Trinoro, where she shares the secrets of “Cucina Italiana” during an amazing chefcourse.

Later, we relax and savor a glass of Prosecco at Colombaio, followed by dinner at the local restaurant LA Grotta in Radicofani. Here, we relish the traditional pici pasta of the region, served with either Ragu or wild boar sauce.


We start off with a traditional Italian breakfast, and then we head to San Casciano dei Bagni for another Plein air painting session of the stunning Val D’Orcia.

As we paint the breathtaking view, we enjoy sipping coffee and munching on delicious ‘Cantucci biscotti’. In the afternoon we indulge in the thermal baths in San Casciano and in the evening we have dinner at a local restaurant.


Embark on an enchanting Italian breakfast experience before venturing to Radicofani, a picturesque hilltop town in Val D’Orcia. Capture the town’s beauty on canvas during a “plein air” painting session in its charming piazzas.

Indulge in a delightful lunch at a local restaurant, savoring the region’s exquisite pecorino cheeses, olive oils, and wines. In the evening, elevate your dining experience in Montichiello, another medieval hilltop town, with a fine dining experience that combines culinary artistry and timeless charm.

Immerse yourself in the beauty, flavors, and culture of Italy, creating unforgettable memories along the way.


After a hearty Italian breakfast, experience a captivating painting session in the village of Bagno Vignoni, known for its natural thermal spring piazza. Unleash your creativity on canvas, capturing the essence of this enchanting Piazza.

Indulge in a delectable lunch at a local restaurant, before we head to Pienza with its picturesque streets. Marvel at quaint shops, uncover hidden treasures, and delight in artisanal crafts and tantalizing treats. As the day concludes, prepare for a grand culinary finale in a charming restaurant, where masterful chefs present a feast for the senses.

Let the flavors of the region dance on your palate, immersing you in a symphony of art, exploration, and culinary delights that will linger in your memory.


Begin your day with a classic Italian cappuccino and croissant, Having a relaxing morning at Columbaro

Savor a delectable lunch. In the afternoon, we journey to Montepulciano, immersing ourselves in the charm of the Noble city. Discover the world’s oldest Cellar, owned by the esteemed De Ricci family, whose interior architecture resembles a cathedral. 

Montepulciano is renowned for its association with famous films like “Under the Tuscan Sun” and “The English Patient.” Finally, we conclude our journey with a memorable farewell dinner in Montepulciano.


As the sun rises, we savor a leisurely and authentic Italian breakfast, preparing to bid farewell to our enchanting art retreat. With hearts brimming with inspiration, we head to the train station, ready for the next chapter of our journey.

Surrounded by Tuscany’s serene landscapes, we reflect on the rejuvenating eight-day experience. Guided by artist Teresa Decinti, we found peace, nourished our creativity, and formed lasting connections.

Carrying laughter, vibrant artworks, and newfound wisdom, we depart with gratitude. Our time in Tuscany created unforgettable memories. With renewed spirits, we embrace the relaxed and friendly retreat, forever grateful for its impact.

Art food and wine retreat in tuscany

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This was my first experience to paint and it was so amazing!! – painted landscape images using watercolor with the encouraging guidance of Teresa! The hilltop villages provide a wonderful environment to release one’s creativity!! Tuscany is a beautiful backdrop to enjoy the Art Retreat and all that Teresa has woven into this magnificent experience!!!! A true dream of a lifetime!!! I will return for my next Art, Food, and Wine Retreat in the near future! This is the real painting experience with an artist who has paintings in venues throughout the world!!!
Thank-you, Teresa!!

Rose Ratkovich

Alanta USA

Wow….what an amazing place! The hilltop view of the Tuscan landscape is spectacular. The beautiful and spacious accommodations and warm and engaging hospitality of Maurizio and Teresa have made our trip to Tuscany a once in a lifetime experience!

Cliff Ratkovich

Alanta USA

Words do not describe the beauty and specialness of this wonderful experience. I have never painted and Teresa spent time teaching me the basics of watercolor. I am very pleased with the results of my first time painting. The entire experience from the hospitality, food, wine, art and most importantly the lifetime friends that we made was a trip of a lifetime. Thank you, Teresa and Maurizo.

Debbie Patton

Alanta USA

The food offered during this retreat was way above our expectations. While outside overlooking the Tuscany val d’orca morning sunrise for coffee or having sunset cocktails and dinner, every meal was delicious and authentic. The local wines and food (wild boar cooked for five hours and hand made pasta) were the best during our time in Tuscany. The laughter, dancing and friendships made will last a lifetime.

Scott Patton

Alanta USA

Teresa thank you for a wonderful experience being able to participate in your watercolor course. Thank you. Immersed in the magical scenery of the Val d’Orcia, admire the panorama between Radicofani and San Casciano dei Bagni, between the colors and the scents of flowers, painting and even more beautiful.


Radicofani Italy

The location where the course was held is in an enchanting and suggestive position with a fabulous view of the Val d’Orcia. Our beautiful and gracious teacher with her kind and polite manners made us learn the art of using brushes and colors in fast and simple way. The memory of a beautiful and unforgettable day remains … which I highly recommend to those with a sensitive soul and attentive to the beauties of life.

Paola Puccini


Once in a Lifetime Experience


What to Expect

Join us for a personalized workshop experience with Teresa Decinti, a professional artist and teacher, who will provide one-on-one, expert watercolour painting instructions. Each lesson will include step-by-step demonstrations to guide you.

Every day, you’ll have the chance to paint a range of subjects, including Tuscan landscapes and still life. Throughout the classes, you’ll also learn abstraction techniques in watercolour.

Discover the art of combining watercolour painting techniques with your own unique self-expression while enjoying the beauty of the Italian Tuscan Sun. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! Beginners are welcome to join. Sign up now!

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