As an artist in South Africa, I find myself drawing inspiration from all corners of the world. Every day is different and with that comes different energy and creative force.

The result is that I have many different projects running at the same time. Whether it’s an oil painting of a gorgeous South African landscape or illustration of a children’s book, it’s impossible for me to stay still for too long.

Watercolour Artist in South Africa

It’s easy to say that watercolour is one of my favourite mediums and this is reflected through most of my work.

After spending several months in 2019 improving my watercolour skills, I am now more confident in various styles that are different from my usual work.

artist in south africa

With this, I have taken on a few projects which include designing wallpaper for children’s rooms which was definitely inspired by the children’s book I had the honour of illustrating last year.

African Artwork – South African Art for Sale

Some of the more recent pieces I completed were palette knife oil paintings of some of South Africa’s vibrant landscapes.

It’s very easy to make beautiful art when your subject matter is as extraordinary as the beautiful African land.

I have also been really blessed with an exceptionally good season where some of my favourite work found their loving homes – some as far as Brazil, Sweden and even Canada!

Personal Projects for 2020

Arguably one of my biggest projects for this year is getting our home in Tuscany ready for the summer season.

Our intention with the home is to integrate the authentic Italian and vibrant African culture into one space before we make it available on Airbnb.

artist in south africa

We plan to do this by using the timeless Italian architecture and utilising the structure to showcase my personal art collection – some of my own and some we have collected along our travels.

Teresa Decinti – Artist in South Africa

I am beyond excited about what 2020 has in store for us all! I believe that together we can make the world a brighter place and I am so thankful for everyone who has been part of my journey.

If you would like more information about my art or current projects, please feel free to contact me or visit my art gallery in Stellenbosch.

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