If you are looking for original oil paintings for sale in Cape Town, as well as abstract watercolour paintings, then I invite you to visit my art gallery in Stellenbosch.

On display, you will find a variety of my paintings of some of South Africa’s most breath-taking landscapes as well as portraits, wildlife paintings and abstract nude work.

Original Watercolour and Oil Paintings for Sale in Cape Town

I take my inspiration from my daily experiences as an artist, but mostly as a resident from South Africa.

This is clear when looking at majority of my work which is saturated with vibrant colour and diversity which is a reflection of authentic South African heritage.

Paintings for sale in Cape Town

South African Art for Sale – Stellenbosch Gallery

Using oil and watercolour, many of my pieces aim to embody what life as a South African artist feels like – with boundless inspiration all around me.

When I am painting – whether it be a portrait of an African woman adorned with her traditional head-wrap and dazzling beaded necklace or a local vineyard at the foothill of a mountain, I feel truly connected to this land I call home.

However, as an artist who is continuously striving to learn more, I have recently endeavoured to expand the horizon of my own imagination and artistic capabilities.

I did this by spending time in Florence, Italy where I was exposed to opportunities which encouraged me to explore unknown territory and break the mould of my signature style.

Paintings for sale in Cape Town

South African Art Gallery

As a way to celebrate, I recently opened my gallery doors to exhibit my new work and the grand opening was a major success.

I was blessed to host a few special guests, one of whom is the current art director of the Rupert Museum, Robyn-Leigh Cedras.

She gave a very special opening speech, right before I got to cut open the ribbon which symbolised the official opening of my long-awaited art exhibition.

What makes me even more proud is to have the opportunity to share this exhibition space with my son, David Francois Rabie who is an upcoming pen and ink artist.

His work is vastly different to mine, yet our two styles complement one another beautifully and create an aesthetically pleasing blend of vibrant, borderless colour and dark lines and abstract strokes.

Overall, the opening night was a great success and I am simply overwhelmed with gratitude for the support I received from friends, family and valued clients.

Teresa Decinti – Original Paintings for Sale in Cape Town

If you missed the opening night of my exhibition in November, you will be pleased to know that this exhibition will be running until the 7th of January 2020.

For any queries about my original watercolour and oil paintings for sale, please feel free to contact me, or visit my art gallery in Stellenbosch.

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