As a South African artist living in Stellenbosch, I have always found my inspiration from the surrounding landscapes as well as the abundant and colourful heritage of this country.

Expressing my deep connection and love for this land through various painting mediums has always been the primary driving force behind my creative energy.

However, as a mother and grandmother, it goes without saying that I have an even stronger connection to my very own familial lineage.

Watercolour Painting Children’s Book

It’s for this reason that I have decided to momentarily turn my paintbrushes away from landscape painting and oil painting to focus on illustrating a children’s book which is both inspired by and dedicated to my first grandchild.

This book is going to be for children between 1 and 5 years old and is aimed at teaching the value of giving and sharing what we have with our friends.

I want to help children to understand that when we look after others, we are able to make life-long friends who will also look after us. I really want to highlight that nurturing meaningful relationships is extremely important in life.

The characters of the book are going to be different animals found in the jungle, from elephants to monkeys, hippos and giraffes who all display different traits which will show why choosing to share what we have with others will benefit us more than keeping things to ourselves.

I will be using watercolour to illustrate this book because I feel that watercolour has the right kind of playful and vibrant effect that is perfectly suited to a children’s book.

South African artists illustrates childrens book

I believe that educational children’s books play a vital role in the social and emotional development of toddlers through fun, interactive and thought-provoking content and visuals.

The lessons that can be taught through children’s books can help build a strong foundation for further developmental stages throughout life, and I am so excited to have the opportunity to create one of my own!

Teresa Decinti – South African Artist in Stellenbosch

Illustrating, writing and publishing my book will take some time, but I am extremely excited for what’s to come.

In the meantime, please feel free to visit my art gallery in Stellenbosch where you can view a variety of my watercolour and oil paintings of African inspired wildlife, landscapes and flora.

For more information about my art or my story as a South African Artist, please feel free to contact me.

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