I am so incredibly proud to be among the many outstanding art galleries in Stellenbosch. It’s no secret that this area is well-known for its abundant offerings of art, culture and spirit.

To top it all off, it’s in the areas in and around Stellenbosch that I get most of my inspiration from – I can truly say that my heart belongs here.

So, I really couldn’t think of a better place for my personal gallery to be situated than in the heart of the Stellenbosch art route.

Workshops Abroad

Another extremely proud moment for me is the opportunity to co-host a workshop in Florence, Italy between the 15th and 21st of July.

Italy is a piece of art in itself, while Florence is home to some of the most iconic masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture.

My co-host is Brazilian watercolourist Marcos Beccari and we will be having full days of live model painting in watercolour.

Words could never describe my excitement for this amazing opportunity.

Fine Art Galleries in Stellenbosch – Teresa Decinti

As an artist, I have a strong passion and deep respect for all forms of art, including photography. I have to also admit that it’s definitely not my strong point.

So, I stick to my brushes and strokes and leave the clicking to the experts. In this case, the ever so lovely Migneon Marais.

I had the wonderful honour of working with Migneon to create the most divine photo album of my gallery.

We spent the day together laughing, chatting and snapping away and the results are simply amazing and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude.

I really love sharing a little more about my paintings, so I’ve selected 3 of Migneon’s images of my work to talk about below.

Table Mountain Cable Car

Art galleries Stellenbosch

I love using watercolour for this kind of painting because it offers its own beautiful flow and it’s almost like the painting forms itself with only a little help from me.

The perspective is also a little different and it frames lions head and the cable car station perfectly with the beautiful Atlantic Ocean as a backdrop.

In the foreground is the lovely Protea flower, which is one of my favourite subject matters, so I feel it really added a touch of magic to this piece.

I love the ocean as much as I love vineyards and mountains because each of these places have their own special feeling that creates the perfect space for inspiration.

Mama Afrika

This painting was a gift for my dear friend’s 60th birthday which I recently attended in the US.

Also done with water colour, this African woman was one of my favourite paintings. It felt like I was painting a mirrored reflection of myself and every woman in this beautiful country.

Many people lovingly refer to this continent as Mama Africa, the birthplace of humankind and I wanted to portray this through painting a woman with gentle eyes and a nurturing soul.

Art galleries Stellenbosch

After all, that’s what a Mama is there to do, to give birth to us and nurture us with nothing but love in her eyes.

So, this portrait is not one of one woman, but of Mama Africa and all the men and women who belong to her.

Pin Cushion Protea

I wanted to go for something bold and striking, yet slightly abstract with this painting.

Art galleries Stellenbosch

Using oils and bright colours, a chose to rest this gorgeous red pin cushion Protea on a midnight blue background.

I really enjoy working with oils because it allows me to create meaningful layers of colour which offers the dimension needed for a painting to visually impress.

I think the yellow tips and subtly positioned green leaves are really the perfect finishesto this piece.

Sometimes it’s nice to have colours that blend seamlessly into one another, but in this case, the strong contrast creates an unmistakable distinction between the subject matter and its background.

I often relate this concept to daily life too; some days we just want nothing more than to blend in with our surroundings while other days we feel bold enough to cause some ripples and make some waves.

Teresa Decinti – Art Galleries in Stellenbosch

I am always happy to welcome anyone into my gallery to see what I have on display. For those who like to wear their art, I have gorgeous scarves made from 100% silk which have some of my landscapes and other paintings printed on them.

Once again, I would like to thank Migneon Marais for the amazing photographs of my beloved studio; a true photographic artist.

For more information about art galleries in Stellenbosch, including my own, please feel free to contact me.

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