Encounters Annual Wildlife Exhibition


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Annual Wildlife ExhibitionOpening Thursday, 1st August 2013 at 5.00 p.m. at The Cape Gallery
in conjunction with First ThursdaysDuration: 1 August – 31 August 2013
Urbanisation and industry are reforming the world we live in at the cost of the ‘other’ wild ecologies – the wild Edens that flit across our TV screens, transient, persistent memories of what was. And yet these memories touch a lost chord in the soul of our being – there is still a connection to who we once were. Some of the artists approach their subject endowing the creatures & plants with human attributes. Some protest at the devastating effect industry has had on the natural environment. Some approach and observe wildlife in its pristine condition. The artists exhibiting in The Cape Gallery 2013 Wild Life exhibition have each had unique and individual encounters with the subjects they portray; some real, some imaginary.Participating artists include:

Noel Ashton
Tania BabbLin BarrieEdmund BartonBowen BoshierJanet BotesFuz CaforioKeith CalderRon CampbellSylvia de VilliersTeresa DecintiPaul DixonPeter DiggeryKitty DorjeZakkie EloffJohn EllisonErica FraserGary FrierTony GroganMargot HattinghJenny Hyde-JohnsonBarry JacksonDi Johnson – AckermanAngela KeyThami KittyMarinda KochRobert KochNatalia Konanova, Karin Kruger, David KuijersDebbie le SueurJen LewisSue MaasRobert G MarshallMandy McKayAdolfo McqueCathy McShannonPeter MidlaneNola MullerErrol NorburyJohn PerrySheila PetousisElizabeth PoulsomMichelle RallBridget RandallJohn RobertJoan SchrauwenMiriam SchwartzLyn SmutsMarilyn SoutheyRosie SturgisSteve TugwellCobus van der WaltJoan van Gogh,Douw van HeerdenIan van ZylRon WaldeckJudy WoodborneHelen Vale Xenos
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