There really is no shortage of museums and art galleries in Stellenbosch, making it a world-renowned mecca of arts and culture.

The Stellenbosch art route has something for every kind of art lover under the sun, from historical art and artifacts to bronze sculptures, ceramics and contemporary art.

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Ou Moederkerk, Church Street, Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch Art Gallery in Church Street

I studied art at the University of Pretoria but now form part of a loving family who is very passionate about the arts.

As a South African female artist, most of my inspiration comes from the natural beauty that surrounds me every day, from people on the street to mountain ranges and oceanic landscapes.

So, to share my art with the world, and to weave myself into the fabric of the art culture here in Stellenbosch, I have my very own Stellenbosch art gallery in Church Street – the beating heart of this colourful little town. It was always a dream of mine to have my own art gallery, and 16 years ago it became a reality.

But artists and history makers have always been inspired by different things, and their expressions will forever be unique and anyone who takes a walk through the history of art is Stellenbosch will see this.

History, Culture and Art Galleries in Stellenbosch

The Rembrandt van Rijn Art Foundation

Established in 1964, the foundation found its home in a noble old manor house that was saved from demolition when the Rembrandt Group purchased it.

In this building, some of the most moving, historical pieces of art can be found from Anton van Wouw’s sculptures to Giacomo Manzu’s nude known as “Guantanemera”.

The Stellenbosch University Museum

The university museum has two divisions:

The Sasol Art Museum which is home to prehistoric artefacts, 19th and 20th century artworks, reproductions of San Rock art found in the Cederberg as well as many other inspiring pieces of work that tell their own stories.

The University Art Gallery which is usually home to around 10 exhibitions per year that focus specifically on contemporary South African art.

PJ Olivier Art Centre

The core of the building dates back to the late 18th century but the shape of the building changed when it was transformed into a double-storey building during the 19th century and was later developed into South Africa’s first girls only school.

In 1953, the PJ Olivier Art Centre was founded and has since developed into a pioneering educational institution.

My son, David Rabie studied art at PJ Olivier Art Centre and graduated with a distinction. Some of his work can be found displayed in my art gallery.

art galleries in stellenbosch
Cape Dutch Architecture, Stellenbosch


When it comes to art and culture in Stellenbosch, one must not only look for galleries. Instead, a meander through the oak tree lined streets is an experience in itself as you find historical architecture nestled between the trees and amidst a modern-day life.

The Stellenbosch Village Museum

The Village Museum is comprised of four historical houses as well as their gardens. Each home represents a different time in the development of architecture in Stellenbosch.

Although these buildings have been restored, redecorated and refurnished, the true style of the time they were built remains beautifully intact, taking the visitor back to 1709.

Teresa Decinti – South African Female Artist in Stellenbosch

There are so many wonderful stories that are hidden in the oak trees, cobble streets and architecture of Stellenbosch.

A rich cultural history exists here, driven strongly by the love for art in all its forms. This is why I chose to open my gallery in the heart of this colourful and diverse town.

Among all the art galleries in Stellenbosch, find the Teresa Decinti Fine Art Gallery in Church Street or contact me for more information about my art.

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