As a South African artist living in Stellenbosch, it’s been a great honour to share a workshop in Florence, Italy with Brazilian watercolourist Marcos Beccari.

Marcos spent time demonstrating his watercolour techniques while using a live model. His demonstrations have really helped me improve my technique. I believe there is always space to learn something new and to expand on what we already know. I am extremely grateful.

South African Artist

South African Artist in Italy

This workshop has truly been a wonderful experience. Using a live model and working with watercolour, we painted in intervals of half an hour each, giving us time in between to reflect, interpret and plan.

Anyone who knows my work, knows that watercolour is one of my favourite mediums, and I am consistently working towards being among the most distinguished South African watercolour artists.

This workshop with Marcos has really made me feel like this dream is achievable. The last two days of the workshop we focused on painting water and the best techniques used for water as a subject matter.

South African Artist

South African Portrait Artists

My heart sang with pride when Marcos complimented my African portraits, saying that he particularly loved my choice of colour in them. Mama Africa, my home, my heart.

To further improve my skills, Marcos willingly shared some useful technical advice for using watercolour to paint portraits.

Lastly, he also mentioned that he is impressed with my nude studies and that he admires the freshness of my approach in this particular art form.

South African Artist

Teresa Decinti – Fine Arts Gallery in Stellenbosch

Specialising in landscape painting, oil painting and watercolour, I have art that speaks to a range of preferences. If you are interested in purchasing one of my pieces, please feel free to contact me or pop in at my art gallery in Stellenbosch.

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